Leadership Anne Arundel Award

LAA holds an annual Tribute to Community Leadership event to celebrate the successful completion of our program year.  We have used this special occasion to recognize and present awards to persons and organizations who have significantly contributed to the improvement of the quality of life in Anne Arundel County.

The Distinguished Graduate Award recognizes an exceptional LAA graduate who has adopted “the heart of community trusteeship” and who has made significant and notable contributions for the betterment of the community. Learn more about the 2019 Distinguished Graduate Award and download the recommendation form here.

The Live! Casino & Hotel Excellence in Leadership Award, sponsored by Live! Casino & Hotel, recognizes an Anne Arundel County business or individual who has made a significant local impact to our quality of life.

The Volunteer of the Year Award honors one who has given tirelessly of their time and expertise to LAA the past year while leading in the community by example.

The Chairman’s Award is given to one who has provided exemplary support and leadership to LAA.

Past award winners include:

Distinguished Graduate Award Recipients:

Erwin Abrams – FLG97

Bill Kuethe – FLG95

Wendy Beavers – NLA07

Tricia Lehmann – FLG97

Pam Beidle – FLG96

Nadja Maril – FLG02

Ken Brannan – FLG00

Tom Marquardt – ELS05

Vicki Callahan – FLG96

Patty McManus – FLG97

Vanessa Carter – FLG95

George Moran – FLG94

Carlesa Finney – FLG94

Bruce Morgenstern – FLG12

Marc Gilbert – FLG00

Ed Reilly – FLG03

Melanie Graw – FLG02

Diane Sancilio – FLG14

Lisa Hillman – FLG95

Tony Spencer – FLG95

Alli Holstrom – FLG10, NLA09

Pat Troy – FLG94

Penny Hopkins – FLG97

Larry Ulvila, Jr. – FLG95

Barbara Huston – FLG99

Tad Wood – FLG99

Live! Casino & Hotel Excellence in Leadership Award Recipient

2018:  Tatiana Klein

2017: Steve Schuh, County Executive

2016: Larry and Liz Ulvila

2015: Art Ebersberger

2014:  John and Cathy Belcher

2013:  Tom Marquardt, Capital Gazette Communications

2012:  Maurice Tose, TeleCommunication Systems, Inc.


Volunteer of the Year Award Recipients

Pam Beidle – FLG96

Kevin Chase – FLG14

Bob Crosby – FLG09

Darryl Hagner – NLA14, FLG15

Griff Hall – FLG96

Robert Johnston – FLG00

Tatiana Johanning Klein – NLA06, FLG07

JoAnn Lamp – FLG02

Rick Morgan – Past Board Member

Bruce Morgenstern – FLG12

Margaret Griffin-Synowski – FLG05, GRAD10

William Todd – ELS02

David Vogel – ELS07, GRAD10

Chairman’s Award Recipients

Bob Crosby – FLG09, GRAD10

Hank Gundlach – FLG05, ELS10, GRAD10

Bill Kuethe – FLG95

Janice Page – FLG07

Elaine Shanley – FLG14