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Leadership Anne Arundel (LAA) sits at the intersection of personal, professional and community development.  LAA’s mission is to provide people of diverse backgrounds with the education, resources, and networks necessary to become successful, proactive leaders. The vision of Leadership Anne Arundel is to develop and nurture community trustees who improve the quality of life in Anne Arundel County by convening diverse stakeholders, bridging their divides, and facilitating resolutions for the common good. LAA Alumni and the community at large are invited to engage with our programs and events because inspiring, developing and connecting local leaders has never been more important.

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LAA 101 - Community Check-In

Executive Committee Meeting

LAA 101 - Community Check-In

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LAA, a nonprofit 501c3 organization, is the premier leadership training and networking institute in Anne Arundel County since 1993. The Mission of Leadership Anne Arundel is to provide people of diverse backgrounds with education, resources and networks necessary to become successful proactive leaders. LAA inspires, develops and connects community leaders through education, training, information, events and networking. Please support LAA by investing in Membership.
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